Latest version : 1.3.131002


Multilibpkg is an automated tool for managing (installing, upgrading, and uninstalling) of 64-bit part of AlienBob's multilib for slackware-64.

The 64-bit part of the multilib is a subset of packages which allows to turn a pure 64-bit slackware-64 into a multilib slackware-64. This subset is provided by multilib's version of packages glibc-solibs, glibc, glibc-i18n, glibc-profile, glibc-zoneinfo, gcc, gcc-g++, gcc-gfortran, gcc-gnat, gcc-java, gcc-obj, and, by the additional package compat32-tools which provides tools related to 32-bit compatibility layer.

To learn more about multilibpkg, look at his documentation here, and, if this tools fits your need you can download the latest version right away here.